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Innovation is the buzz word world over today. Innovation Club will attempt intentional promotion of creativity, exploring opportunities and methods of innovation, creating inductive ecosystems of creative minds .

 “Innovation is not the product of  logical thought, although the  result is tied to logical  structure.”- Albert Einstein quotes.

 “Never before in history has  innovation offered promise of so  much to so many in so short a  time.”
- Bill Gates quotes.

Next innovation workshop:
Mind Mapping Workshop
This workshop aims at exploring a creative thinking method " Mind Mapping." Mind mapping is a technique of documenting free flowing ideas in mind; a structured way of documenting flow of ideas and grouping of ideas in logical sequence.

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Objective of Innovation Club

Innovation Club desires to become the Innovation Hub for all partner organizations and individuals working in varied areas; as we strongly believe the innovative solutions could take birth in non related think forces.

Innovation Club will invite designers, thinkers, and researchers from varied fields to contribute methods, engaging, and dedicated efforts for problem solving scenarios which may benefit any stakeholder of the club.


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